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Lindos village... The jewel of Rhodes island

Lindos Village is a traditional settlement on the island of Rhodes.

It has a rich history as it was one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes island and the one with the richest naval tradition.

It is the birthplace of Kleovoulos, one of the seven wise men of antiquity;

Harris, the sculptor of the famous Colossus; Panatheos, the philosopher who introduced the Stoic philosophy in Rome.This coastal settlement is washed by the southern Aegean Sea and is about 55 km from the city of Rhodes, located at Cape Krana on the eastern coast of the island.

The scenic narrow alleys, the beautiful beaches, the magnificent view of the sea,but especially the Lindos Acropolis, which dominates the settlement,has made Lindos a popular tourist destination.

The Acropolis, built in a natural fortification, has been used since the beginning of Lindos's history and is interwoven, not only with the history of Lindos but with the history of the whole island.

In this small space, they used it and left to its signs of their presence, the ancient Greeks,

the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ioannis Knights.

Beyond its acropolis, Lindos has a beautiful traditional settlement with scenic alleys and buildings of a particular architecture, but also a unique beauty, natural view.

It is characteristic that the small beach of Agios Pavlos in the homonym bay has been characterized as one of the 10 best in Europe.

Emblems are also donkeys that offer walks for visitors within the settlement and can lead them to the Acropolis.

It is worth noting that some scenes from the film The Cannons of Navarone were filmed in Lindos.

• Enjoy an afternoon walk:

In the unique beauty of the modern settlement of Lindos, a beautiful traditional village

that has been declared a preservable.

Wander through the narrow alleys with the arches reminiscent of a Cycladic settlement.

Admire the impressive Kapitanasites (16th-18th centuries) with the high walls and arched doorways embellished with coats of arms and heavy wooden doors.

Do not forget to visit one of them • their interior, the right folklore museum hides unexpected surprises:

paved courtyards with elaborate pebble designs, exquisitely decorated ceilings.

The church of the Virgin Mary of Lindos is magnificent with the amazing frescoes of the 15th century,

in the center of the village.

Lindos Municipal Unit is located 50 km south-east of Rhodes Island. about from the Prefecture. It has an area of ​​179 sq. Km. It came from the confluence of the communities of Lindos, Lardos, Pylonas, Laernos, and Kalathos. To the north, it borders the Archangelos Municipality, to the south with the Municipality of South Rhodes to Dysmas to the Municipality of Atavyros and the Municipality of Kamiros and to the East with the sea.

The Municipal Unity is largely seaside. Its coasts are very diverse with a range of Kalathos, Vlycha, Lindos Bay, Agios Pavlos Port, Pefkos Bay, Lardos Bay. Mountainous and woodland is the territory of its inland. Large forests in the Lardos area were burned by fires in the 1980s.

The community of Lindos, named after the Municipal Unity, is located on the ruins of the City of Lindos, one of the three ancient cities-states that united in antiquity to form the City of Rhodes. Within the administrative boundaries of the Municipal Unity, one meets some of the most important archaeological monuments of Rhodes and one of the most remarkable traditional settlements.

The Municipality of Lindos is administratively owned by the Municipal Community of Lardos, 52 km from Rhodes, a village with many archaeological finds where the monastery of Ypseni is located, the Municipality of Lindos, the city of Lindos is about 55 km from the city of Rhodes. and its beaches, as well as its antiquities, make it a popular tourist destination, over the modern city dominated by its ancient citadel, the Local Community of Kalathos (44 km from Rhodes), a small village with a beautiful beach named after it. the ancient municipality of Klassion, Topi or Community Laerma, 64 km. from Rhodes, who was named after the ancient borough Laerma or Ladarmion the Local Community Pilona 46 km. from the capital.

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